Clare Freeman • Illustration & Design




Web Design & Development

As a web developer and designer, I currently work on an interactive team and help see projects from concept design to launch. As a team, we work through user flow and site map, design concepts, and from execution to launch, and work to create custom solutions that create an easy, graceful user experience. I have a great deal of experience working within content management systems like Squarespace, Wordpress, and Shopify. I work daily with SCSS, LESS, JSON data, Squarespace’s proprietary language, Shopify’s .liquid, and PHP via Wordpress.

All websites below were created at Loaded For Bear on the interactive team unless otherwise noted.


 Icon Design

A selection of iconography projects

User Icons designed for Packlane through Pretty Useful Co.

Icons designed for Caissa through Loaded For Bear

Initial concept icons for Awair through Simple Focus

Wireframing & User Experience


I enjoy thinking through site structure and concept development. I’ve worked in Sketch, InVision, Adobe XD, and analog methods like card sorting to display and think through user flow experience before moving to the design phase.


Process & Iteration

A PDF with a series of examples of my design process and iterative work.

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