Clare Freeman • Illustration & Design




  1. Good design is honest.

  2. Accessibility isn’t optional.

  3. The right amount of technology is the minimum needed to solve the problem.


I currently work on an interactive team at Loaded For Bear and help see projects from concept to launch. We work through user flow, site maps, design concepts, and execution, creating custom solutions that create an easy and graceful user experience. I work mainly within content management systems like Squarespace, Wordpress, and Shopify.
// SASS, LESS, JSON, JS, .liquid, and PHP via Wordpress.


Crosstown Concourse // BPI // Wilson Cafe // UrbanArt Commission // Grinder Taber Grinder // Cooper Street Yoga // BarWare // // Central BBQ

Projects are through Loaded For Bear, working on a team for design and development.